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I started with WW on line just over 7 years ago and managed to lose all the weigth I wanted and then some. I gained a little bit back but was still within my ideal weight. After the birth of my 1st child I tried to restart it but because but never could quite get down to pre pregnancy weight. However, part of the problem was I get pregnant with my second child when the first was only 14 or 15 months old (they are 22 1/2 months apart). After my second child initially managed to lose down to my wedding weight but then between depression, stress, and trying to deal with two children I gained weight back. At one point I had stopped my subscription to WW because of finances but restarted it one year ago and this time it is not working. I have actually gained weight over the past year and am now down to the point I have had to buy clothes in order to have something to wear. Since finding FitDay a days ago and am hoping that with this, trying to get to the gym more often, and using some of WW ideas that this will be my year to lose.
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