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Today is the end of my NYE challenge. I'm a little sad that it's over...but who am I kidding...I'll just have to start a new Valentine's Day challenge!

So my results.....drumroll please....I came in just shy of my target! I weighed in at 126.8 lbs...just .8 lbs. shy of my goal. I'm still quite happy with this becasue I never gave up and truly gave it my all plus I'm down from the water weight gain last week.

Anyone else care to share their NYE results?

I'm also still going strong with the exercise challenge as well....I'll have to find/start a new thread to post my exercise stats.

12 Week Exercise Challenge, 84 days...84 workouts
Week 5, Day 1 - yes
Week 5, Day 2 - yes
Week 5, Day 3 - yes
Week 5, Day 4 - yes
Week 5, Day 5 - yes

Easter Challenge!
Starting weight 119.6 lbs Goal 116.6 lbs

May Shopping Spree Reward Challenge!
I'm rewarding myself with $100 for every pound lost by my last May weigh in! If I hit my goal, I'll have $780!
Starting weight 121.8 lbs.

5' 2"
Starting Weight - 143 lbs (3/Sept/13)
Current Weight - 119 lbs (11/Apr/14) $280 in the shopping spree fund!!
Goal Weight - 114 lbs.
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