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Default I have no idea what I'm doing!~

So I haven't been to the gym... ever... I've lifted weights but probably the wrong way. I need to know a basic work out for my first day or any day at the gym. Can I get cardio done at the gym? I don't think this one specifically has a track but it does have a treadmill.

Mind you... the title does absolutely apply here. When you say you want me to do 4 sets of 10 reps of bicep triple curls of death +1... I have no clue what you're talking about. I've looked and looked online and there are a few good places but I just ended up giving up and coming here. I know there are a few work outs I can do at home but I would really like to try the gym.

Please help me. I've been in TaeKwonDo for 18 years of my life so I'm not new to working out but I am definitely out of shape since I haven't done any form of work out in quite a long time.

Push me but don't kill me... My arms are as strong as wet noodles. Perhaps link me to the correct place to learn how to do things right? would going to the gym and jumping on the treamill for 15-20 minutes starting off slow and working my way up to a jog be a good first day?

I really have absolutely no clue which is why I'm turning here for help. Be specific. Link me photos or videos of these workouts. What the hell is a bicep? I know it's a muscle in your arm... I think... but still...

I really appreciate any help. I would like to turn my life around and I really do enjoy working out. I have full access to a 24hour gym now and I want to put this resource to the best use I can!~~
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