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Hi everyone hasnt been a post on here for a while but i just wanted to have my say on the whole alcohol and dieting issue. Ive hot to admit that a drink actually helps me not consume so much food. I eat less and as a result actually lose more weight then a weekend without the drink. I do only drink spirits though with lots of diet coke-usually vodka,rum or my favourite malibu(although its really sweet its only worth half a point a pub measure! It totally puts me off food for the whole day and the next so i see it as an advantage. If i dont drink on a weekend which i havent since january i snack more and dont lose weight which is totally the case. Health wise its great not to have it for the sake of my liver and hangovers but obesity also affects health. I dont feel guilty after a drink cos i know its low cal and it speeds my weight loss which helps my moods. Whatever suits but i do make sure i have a healthy meal before i start-so im not being sick. Health is more important and i only drink a couple once a month now instead of too much every weekend. I admit though i do miss it but only for weight loss sake but im used to it now and learning new ways to lose weight steadily without the need for alcohol!
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