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Hey BeachGirl - Sorry to hear you're mending a broken heart...especially over the holidays....and that you have a sick pet. Glad to hear you have a supportive network of family and friends around you! Also good for you for getting out there on the dating scene again! It can't be easy....but it never will be so best not to put it off. Even if your date doesn't turn into something more long term, at least you'll have that first date experience out of the way.

Sometimes it's best to stay off the scale if you know it's going to only discourage you. Even if we don't hit our targets for NYE, if we did the best we could (and for me that means enjoying the holidays....not turning everything down, but also showing some control) well then what will be will be. There 's always 2014 to work towards our targets or to maintain.

Now rest up girl so your bright eyed for your date on Tuesday night!!

If you are persistent, you will reach your goal. If you are consistent, you will keep it.
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