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Default HELP! My fiance is a sabotager!

I am so frustrated that my fiancÚ refuses to eat healthier. For some background, he is a huge fast food fanatic - McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy's, Checkers, etc. McDonalds being his favorite. Unfortunately, this is how he grew up. His father is a meat and potatoes guy - no casserole, pizzas, sandwiches, etc. (things that you can find ways to sneak healthier foods into) He likes this steak or pork with a side a mashes or baked potatoes and collard greens, and most meals are reminiscent of that. My fiancÚ thinks he is adventurous because he likes Chinese and Italian foods. Before I met him, I had lost 40 pounds over the course of a year and a half, and now I've gained back 15-20 pounds. I told him, I want to feel good again and start eating healthy and he's afraid he's going to get skinnier even though I promised more protein (He's currently 150, and brags about it all the time). When we first moved in together, I was making him breakfast, lunch, and dinner - which I still mostly do - only because if I don't make a meal he will go straight to a fast food joint...instead of eating at his parents down the street or popping some leftovers in the microwave. I refuse to cook 2 separate meals, because I'm already exhausted cooking 3 meals a day. Plus, if I'm getting healthy to live a long life, and we're getting married, I'd like to have him there, too! The other day I stuck a small slice of cantaloupe in his lunch and he brought it back 2 days in a row and the third day he threw it in the trash. I'm tired of fighting with him, but both of us need to do better and leave the freezer and chain foods alone. What have you ladies done to get you husbands, boyfriends, fiancÚs to eat healthier???? I know how to sneak foods in, but I enjoy eating whole vegetables too.

BTW - he claims he likes vegetables...he despises fruits (except bananas and grapes)...and he isn't big on eating desserts (which I love and I have healthy recipes, but nothing is healthy is you're stuck eating it alone)...and he is a big meat eater
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