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Originally Posted by libby116 View Post
Hi Deb. I am going to look on line for weight lifting dvds or books. Can you recomend any for women that you use? This is the next step in my weight loss journey.
What are you trying to achieve?

My before/after avatar is from a PLP (push ups/lunges/pull ups) challenge I did. I had already been lifting heavy at least 3 days a week, running 3-5 days a week, plus blading, biking, etc. so I was kind of shocked at my results.

The challenge looks really easy (and kind of is in the beginning) but it's for 60 days straight and did get pretty hard, especially when I had to travel.

My avatar is the before and after of that challenge. My BF% went down quite a bit so I lost a lot of inches.

I'm going to do the PLP challenge for the new year. Interested? I have a challenge thread ready to go if you are! I double, no...triple dog dare you! LOL, who doesn't watch A Christmas Story at least once during the Holidays?
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