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Hello everyone once again the messages being sent to me are leaving me with a lump in my throat. Just the sincerity and genuine care actually makes me feel worthy as a person. It also brings to light that there are other people out there other than my fiancee and children that care! That im figuring may have been one reason i got the way i did-its hard to take on so much love when ive never felt it before. In a way it was really overwhelming when me and Rich got together i didnt believe i could be loved the way he loves me. This is not an exagerated post-as alot of woman know that when TRUE love comes to us its totally mindblowing! Even the small things like making me a cup of tea or buying me a magazine made me think-is this for real, am i really worth all this! I honestly cannot think of a reason why i hated myself so much to feel like this other than without going into detail ive been victim of domestic violence. At 18 and having a baby and another at 20, this was hard to deal with and i know that i wasnt worth being treat this way and i have dealt with them demons,but maybe not so much as i thought. This is i think why my super fiancee is so patient with me(he heloed me to escape) yeah its been 5 and a half years since that time in my life but of course it still has an affect on me. Maybe counceling would help me overcome my past once and for all. The getting fat was subject to comfort eating-being unhappy and hating my appearence i ate more and more!! Thankyou again for the kindness xx
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