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I was satisfied with my goals this week except for going out too much (I went out again last night, didn't plan on it but better than staying in I guess) and being higher on carbs than normal. My average for the week was 1127 cals a day, macros about 30/30/30.

I took a bunch of my dogs to the beach yesterday afternoon. It was a gorgeous day here. I ran and walked in the sand and surf with them (a killer leg workout) and just let go of all my stress and really enjoyed letting myself forget about life for a while, my dogs acted like perfect angels, I haven't had them off leash at the beach in a while, no one tried to run off and they listened to all of my commands even though one really wanted to run after the horses on the beach. He actually stopped when I whistled. I think they kept expecting my ex to show up because we always went together. They were pretty attached to him and are confused/miss him.

It's not easy being newly single right before the Holidays, wish I could just skip it all this year, but I have a great family and amazing friends who refuse to let me. I do realize how lucky I am because it would suck if my only options were to spend it alone or (even though I enjoy meeting new people) with some new guy I barely know. It is pretty cool reconnecting with the some of the people I haven't seen in a while plus I have family and friends who have come in from several different countries and as far away as CA in the states for xmas. I am hating the ex bf questions/conversations and refuse to discuss it. I will never understand men and that's all I'm gonna say. Maybe FitDay should have a Relationships forum haha!

I still need to finish wrapping gifts and finish the baking tonight, uggg. Not going out tonight! It's rainy, super windy and yucky so was easy to resist this time, lol.

01gt4.6, funny about your new puppy! Already over 11 pounds? Didn't you just get him?!

Having a 2% higher BF is NOT nothing at this same weight, it's a whole jean size for me. I don't believe you are up 10%.
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