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Default is some weight gain normal for women as they age?

Hi guys! I'm 5 ft 4 and 19 years old. I weighed 103 lbs in high school and now I weigh about 107. I guess it's worth noting that all I did for exercise in high school was ballet and now I'm working out six days a week and often lifting weights, so I know some of that must be muscle... and I'm really proud of my musculature and my meticulous maintenance of healthy habits and things. But I'm just wondering- is weight gain for women after high school normal? I see all of these articles online about how to keep your weight down in college, but from what I've heard from most of my friends (who have gained a couple pounds since high school but still look fine) it seems like something that just happens to womens' bodies.

At the end of the day I just want to know if and when I need to start worrying!
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