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Tracy sweet heart, reading your post broke my heart!

even though i might not know you as a person, based on your posts i know you are a loving and caring person, a proud mother(Happy Mother's Day by the way), very motivated( look how far you have come) and so on.
i do agree with almeeker suggesting to set yourself some goals other than weight loss, also, i do not know how religious you might be, but praying also takes a load off your mind, it does work for me, so maybe give it a try.

counselling also could be a good idea, so keep that in mind as well. and remeber you are the most important person in your childrens and partner's life, so value and love yourself, you sure are worthy of all the love they give you. since we are fitday buddies you are very important to me as well. take care of yourself and let us know how you're doing.
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