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My goals for the week are... Monday - Saturday

1. Run 4 days Mon/Yes, Tues/Yes, Wed/Yes, Thurs/Yes, Fri/No, Sat/No
2. Lift heavy 3 days Mon/Yes, Tues/Yes, Wed/Yes, Thurs/No, Fri/No, Sat/only lifted drinks tonight, lol!
3. Eat 1100-1200 cals Mon/Yes, Tues/Yes (1108), Wed/No (1005), Thurs/No (1365), Fri/No (1219), Sat/
4. Check P.O. Box at least once this week Mon/No, Tues/No, Wed/YES!!!
5. 6 hours sleep Mon/Yes, Tues/Yes, Wed/Yes, Thurs/Yes, Fri/I will prob sleep till 3pm!, Sat/Yes
6. Ignore ex Mon/Yes, Tues/No dropping goal, too mean because of sick cat, Wed/uggg, ignored phone... Thurs/ignored (I feel mean), Fri/texted reply when I got in at 2:30AM to give kitten update. Sat/No,

7. Accept 1 date Mon/said maybe, Tues/No, Wed/TBH, I really don't want to. Thurs/No, Fri/ Sat/went out with a group of people, stayed out way too late.
8. Make 10 dozen buttermilk xmas cookies Mon/5 dozen done!, Tues/No, a pickle jar fell over, soaked the chilling dough so had to toss the rest of it. Wed/No, it's a real PITA making the dough! Thurs/Got the big bowl out! Fri/No, found a cat sleeping in big bowl when I got home. Was cute! Sat/HA! No. Too busy going out socializing!

I can't believe how warm it is here! I'm meeting people at the beach later but I think I'm gonna skip going out tonight. I'm dragging this morning, been staying out way too late.

I decided to weigh myself today and you know that joke "single women come home, see what's in the fridge and go to bed..."? So true, I am 3 pounds away from my "pre relationship" weight! I was kind of shocked. Unfortunately my Body Fat is about 2% higher then it was before at the same weight so I am going to focus on increasing my lifts so I can get back to my former BF%.

Where did everyone go?
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