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I can't believe I forgot to mention this (with all the animal talk)... Last month I drove out to Texas and picked up a pup at a shelter. Yes... I drove 12+ hours to give this baby a home. He's the sweetest little thing. His name is Avery and he's a real lady killer!

He's unbelievably smart. It took all of 2 minutes to tech him how to you the doggie door. The youngest of the chirrens already taught him how to sit, shake and lie down on command. He is super loveable. He was a little skittish when I first put him in the grass, I don't think he knew what it was. Now he runs around the yard like he owns it.

He loves to play rough with Chloe', our 70+ pound boxer. Mytsie (our Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix) is starting to warm up to him. She's always been nervous around others. Somehow Avery (aka Houdini) escaped through a section in the fence. I guess Chloe' wasn't big enough to torment so he tracked down a great dane on the street behind us. So yesterday I spent a good part of my day redoing the fence so the little sucker doesn't wander off again.

See... I told ya he's a looker!
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