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DONE1) join the gym yes
DONE2) workout 3 times yes,no,yes,no,yes
3) drink a lot of water no,no,yes,yes,yes

After being fat and lazy for a couple months, I finally made it back to the gym. I hit it up 3 times. I'm still fat but at least I'm a little less lazy. Even though I'm fresh at it, I still pushed pretty hard. I'm still sore from Monday's workout. I lost a little strength but not near what I expected. I'm working out with a different friend and my lifts are waaaay higher than his. I expected him to be as strong as me (or close) because we're about the same size but he's not. I hate to say it but it kinda makes me feel good. Now I'm going to try to push him hard to get him stronger b/c I don't think he's really been pushed.
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