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I read an article yesterday that was absolutely amazing. It talks about how people can be overweight while eating low calories, I think many people that diet the wrong way, and simply think that cutting calories hardcore enough will make them drop weight. I've read other posts about this being a "yo-yo" diet, but this article will really open your eyes about it. Really good read, check it out!

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^^ that's the right one!

Also, related to myself, my weight was slightly higher today than yesterday (+0.4 lbs.), but I'm keeping my diet in check, eating lots of protein, and after reading that article I'm going to keep faith that I'm on the right path. I still feel great today, ate very clean yesterday so my confidence is high! This is the first time I've been on a "diet" that actually made me FEEL stronger and more energetic. Every other time I dieted pretty much blindly and just cut back portions instead of actually changing WHAT I ate and tracking it, and every time I felt lacking, and sapped of energy... That article opens up my eyes as to why I felt like that~ Hope you enjoy it!

It's truely amazing that we have the power to control what our metabolism does. The realization that my body doesn't give a rat's behind about what I WANT to look like in the mirror, and that it's only goal is survival was pretty cool. Understanding how my body reacts to low calories, and/or calories from the wrong sources, and adjusts my metabolism is pretty fascinating. Also to note, this completely destroys another excuse that I used to use... "I have a slower metabolism than most people" Well... I probably did but it wasn't just because I was born with it, it was because I wasn't telling my body that it's ok to kick my metabolism into high gear and burn fat off. In a sense, my body wasn't confident enough that I would keep feeding it the RIGHT calories, so it turned the calories I did take in, into fat on my body, so that it had a backup plan to survive! Really amazing stuff...

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