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My goals for the week are... Monday - Saturday

1. Run 4 days Mon/Yes, Tues/Yes, Wed/Yes, Thurs/Yes
2. Lift heavy 3 days Mon/Yes, Tues/Yes, Wed/Yes, Thurs/No
3. Eat 1100-1200 cals Mon/Yes, Tues/Yes (1108), Wed/No (1005), Thurs/No (1365)
4. Check P.O. Box at least once this week Mon/No, Tues/No, Wed/YES!!!
5. 6 hours sleep Mon/Yes, Tues/Yes, Wed/Yes, Thurs/Yes
6. Ignore ex Mon/Yes, Tues/No dropping goal, too mean because of sick cat, Wed/uggg, ignored phone... Thurs/ignored (I feel mean)
7. Accept 1 date Mon/said maybe, Tues/No, Wed/TBH, I really don't want to. Thurs/No
8. Make 10 dozen buttermilk xmas cookies Mon/5 dozen done!, Tues/No, a pickle jar fell over, soaked the chilling dough so had to toss the rest of it. Wed/No, it's a real PITA making the dough! Thurs/Got the big bowl out!

Missed my calorie goal yesterday because a foster cat stole some of my tofu dogs right off the stove. She KNOWS cats are not allowed on my counters! I thought a dog did it but they all looked innocent. I found the cat with the evidence upstairs. I can't believe she managed to get by all the dogs with it.

libby116, nice job on getting another 30 minutes of walking in!

Mern, my doctor was biased, he should have said at least 17 pounds, lol. TBH means to be honest. So TBH, the closer I get to my ideal weight the harder it is to actually get there even when doing everything right. Running seems to maintain my weight but lifting is what gives me the shape I want. I would love to lose another 7-10 lbs but I also want to build more muscle mass because I like the definition it gives me.

01gt4.6, glad to see you hit that water goal! So Mern and I are waiting...
"Just Do It"

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