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While I know every person is different in terms of no one diet fits all. Honestly that's why I like the idea of calorie tracking and really pumping up my protein for me! I hated the idea of "here is a planned out diet for you, you have to eat x food on y day and so on... Fit day, in the less than 7 days I have used it has already proved an outstanding tool for my eating habits. I'm also aware that the BMR isn't EXACT for each person, and people's metabolism may be above or below what is estimated to be burned in a days time. Also, that calories burned during activity might be different than what is estimated. Tracking it, and paying attention to the calorie breakdown, I feel like one should be able to adjust his or her own diet to get the results they are looking for.

I may find that I personally have to go 700 calories under my estimated calories burned to keep losing towards my goal, but so long as I keep track of what I'm eating and adjust it according to results I'm seeing on the scale, then I am confident I can get to where I want to be.

As far as eating fast food or restaraunt food... I think that it would be "possible" to eat that stuff, and still lose so long as you don't go over your calorie limit, But I realized how "calorie expensive" that stuff is, and it really doesn't give me that satisfied feeling in my stomach. I found it harder to stay "full" when I was taking in 4000+ calories worth of crap food, whereas now, I'm taking in about 2400 calories worth of clean food a day and I feel absolutely satisfied and that "hungry" feeling is almost completely non existant!

Also update: weigh in this morning 292.4, still coming off I know a lot of it is probably water weight but my energy levels are way up and I have to think that some of that weight has to be shredded fat cells
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