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My goals for the week are... Monday - Saturday

1. Run 4 days Mon/Yes, Tues/Yes, Wed/Yes
2. Lift heavy 3 days Mon/Yes, Tues/Yes, Wed/Yes
3. Eat 1100-1200 cals Mon/Yes, Tues/Yes Wed/at 767 now, will eat the other 333 cals before bed!
4. Check P.O. Box at least once this week Mon/No, Tues/No, Wed/YES!!!
5. 6 hours sleep Mon/Yes, Tues/Yes, Wed/TBD
6. Ignore ex Mon/Yes, Tues/No dropping goal, too mean because of sick cat, Wed/uggg, ignored phone...
7. Accept 1 date Mon/said maybe, Tues/No, Wed/TBH, I really don't want to.
8. Make 10 dozen buttermilk xmas cookies Mon/5 dozen done!, Tues/No, a pickle jar fell over, soaked the chilling dough so had to toss the rest of it. Wed/No, it's a real PITA making the dough!

Mern, glad to hear the news was good on your dr. appointment! I remember when my doctor told me if I lost about 7 pounds I would be perfect. I kind of wanted to kick him! BUT he really cared and was kind of old school and HONEST! Haha!

And you know what? All of us are worth it even when we don't feel like we are, right? RIGHT???

jjrudd, congrats on the half pound loss! Should I even ask what you found in your fridge? I am always hoping I find "something" in the back of my fridge or cabinet when I get a craving but I never find anything I didn't already know about!

LMB2011, where did you go?

01gt4.6, What's going on with your lack of water? Stop eating that cake/cookie/wtfe and post up slackerboy.

"Just Do It"
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