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Originally Posted by Kathy13118 View Post
You really can eat anything you want, as long as you stay under your calorie limit. I'm shocked how easily I can to right to my calorie limit with one restaurant meal. But at least I know I'm there!
I have to eat low carb/high protein to lose/maintain weight. Probably because I have a thyroid issue. At least that's what I have experienced since playing around with my macros.

I am a vegetarian but I never really ate a lot of pasta, potato's, etc., because they make me feel kind of sick and sluggish. Like I have rocks in my stomach.

I don't eat breakfast either. When I have it has made me feel too sluggish and tired. I normally just drink coffee and do my daily run before I eat anything.

Everyone is different so there is no one works for all diet/lifestyle. I tried different cal amounts/macros/times to eat/etc. and realized that eating two times a day, most of my calories late at night worked for me.

I tally my average cals/macros by the week anyways. The -500 cals a day/lose a pound a week doesn't work for me either. I would have to eat less than 800 cals a day even though I run and lift. I know because I did it for almost a year when I started gaining weight. Ended up I had a thyroid issue but even now I burn a minimum of 1800-1900 cals a day because of my activity level but I still have to stick with 1100-1200 daily cals just to maintain my current weight.

Used to make me mad but I decided I just needed to deal with it because honestly, I like feeling and looking healthy. If I go off track for a day or two I feel so sick and gross. I don't even bother going down those middle aisles in the food store because I know how crappy that prepackaged boxed crap makes me feel. Kind of like the finger food served before all the Holiday parties going on this time of year. I choose to NOT eat it because I know how badly my body (and mind) will react to the junk it's not used to eating!

Ok... didn't mean to sound like I was on a "soap box" but I just don't think bad food is worth it if it makes my body react badly and makes me feel bad that I ate it when I didn't need to.

Every single one of us has a choice. I choose to eat healthy the majority of the time because it makes me feel good and I am so much happier when I feel good about myself.
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