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Feeling pretty good about my new lifestyle today! I can see results on the scales down to 293.4, but more important than that I can feel results in my body. I'm not going to say I feel slimmer by any means yet, the results aren't visually noticable, but I'm less than a week in.

Stopped and picked up some "Nitro Tech" by MuscleTech yesterday (Protein shake suppliment). I'm not a HUGE fan of chocolate, but for being a chocolate shake it doesn't taste bad at all. I mixed it with water yesterday and milk today. It's definitely smoother with nice cold milk but it's not terrible with water either if that's all you have available. It gives you a very "full" feeling in your stomach, I mixed 2 scoops into about 12 ounces of water and it made me almost feel bloated, but I drank it all pretty quick yesterday (kinda slammed in down in a few drinks to be honest). So today I made it with 16oz. of milk and I'm going to kinda baby it through the day and spread it out a little. I'm hoping this will not only not make me feel bloated but will also spread out the workload on my digestive system instead of 60g of protein all at once.

The tired feeling I used to have (and used to think maybe I had sleep apnia [spelling?] ) is pretty much entirely gone. I feel energetic at work, and I feel like I'm performing better at my job. I also put some cardio time in on the elliptical again last night, did 30 minutes of moderate to vigorious (for me) runnning. Must be because of all the extra protein intake but I expected my legs to be sore today and there is no soreness at all! In fact, when I got on the elliptical, it was on setting 3 from last time, and I even bumped it up to 5 to make myself work a little harder.

Doubled up on breakfast cereal this morning, trying to move more of my calorie intake to earlier in the day instead of eating a larger dinner in the evening. I hope this was the right move, as I look at my pie chart from yesterday I had an awesome balance in my diet. 35% carbs / 33% protein / 32% fat. Compared to my "old" diet which I entered a "typical" day on fitday for Dec. 14th, and my old diet was over 1000 calories higher, and was also not balanced. My protein intake was pathetic and I didn't even realize it. It looked like 3700 calories (this is not counting little stuff like candy bars and stuff that I would often snack on) and broke down to 53% carbs (and not good carbs) / 37% fat / 10% protein. Yep, only 10% of my old diet, or maybe less on certain days, was calories from protein. Looking back at how unhealthy I was living is that much more motivation to keep this new lifestyle pumping. Feel great, more energy, and I don't always have that lingering "hungry" feeling that I used to have even though I'm taking in less calories.... What's not to like?
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