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Thanks for the kind words. Another update, as I'm kinda backdated a few days. Like I mentioned in the original post, these first few entries were in the private diary section where you enter your mood on dashboard. So kinda just catching everyone up on how my week has been:

Day 2: I felt better about myself today. Mostly because I decided to change my life yesterday. A little soreness in my hamstrings from the little bit of running I did yesterday evening.

I am over 300lbs. @ 5' 10". I bought a new scale on Sunday, Dec. 15, 2013 and when I stepped on it, was ashamed to see I was 300.4 lbs. This is the highest weight I've ever been (as far as I have seen while on the scales anyways) and the highest I plan on ever being.

Ran for another 25 minutes tonight, it was torture for the first 5 minutes. Tried to splash in a little HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and so while listening to music as I jogged, when the "hook" or chorus of the song was on, I would go to more of a sprint/high speed. Then I would slow down to about 30% until the next hook. Going to take a rest day tomorrow and let my body rebuild as I do more research.

Today is the day I joined fitday.
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