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(First Diary Entry) 12/14/13

I realized, and had to admit to myself that I was not a healthy person, and that it wasn't fair to me or my family to not take care of my health. I have 2 kids that are both very healthy and active and it's my blessing as a parent to interact with them and be active with them.

Day 1: I started drinking tons of water, and cut out junk food like eating fast food, which had become a regular part of my daily routine at work for lunch. Not only will cutting this out and replacing it with healthy food be good for my health, but it'll benefit my wallet as well. I also went to the garage and brought the elliptical running maching back to the house. I got on it, and was exhausted and soaked with sweat after just 20 minutes of low-moderate exercise, but hey... we all have to start somewhere right?

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