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Post Prospect84 - A Public Diary of Sorts...

I guess I'll start off by introducing myself. My name is Dustin. I'm a father of 2, husband to a wonderful wife, and I'm fat. Please don't take offense to me saying so, I just admitted it to myself a week ago, and I really am.

I was always a "bigger" boy growing up, however was always into sports and maintained a pretty healthy body and lots of exercise. Up until I was about 19 that is. If I recall, at 19, I was about 185-190, in the best shape of my life, worked out, ate right (or at least the right sized portions) and had a physically demanding job. At 19, I was in a severe ATV accident that nearly claimed my life, and left me with a completely busted Femur. Since that accident, I used my "bad leg" as an excuse to be lazy, have poor eating habits, put on a LOT of weight, and try to not be accountable for any of it.

I'm done making excuses! I have been afraid to step on a scale for a couple years now, as I knew I was pushing up towards 300 lbs. Every now and then I'd step on a bathroom scale and be like, (eh, I'm under 300 so I'm doing ok)... Well let me tell you, for a man that is 5'10" I was lying to myself! Last summer I found myself coaching a softball team that my 10yr old daughter plays on, and having to let the other coaches, or experienced kids, show the younger ones how to do things like running bases or sliding. Again I blamed this on my "bad leg"... "I can't run because of my bad leg" No... I couldn't run because of my huge belly and the extra fat I'm carrying around!

On Dec. 14th I made a decision. A decision to change how I am living. Not a decision to go on a diet, or to start exercising... A decision to BE healthy, not just ACT healthy.

So that brings me to "Day 1" where my transformation begins. I have been putting journal entries in my fitday diary entries when I update moods, but I have decided that, since I am making the decision to be healthy, there is no reason to be ashamed of what I was before. So I'm going to copy and paste my journal entries from the first day, up until today. And I'm going to make this thread, my public journal. Everything that I learned and things that do or don't work for me I want to share with everyone else, because hopefully my decision to change my life, may also help motivate someone else to change theirs. Diary posts after this original post are going to be as replies to this thread, the first few will be copy/pasted here (5 days in so got a little catching up to do) and I will try to update this daily/weekly as I learn more and travel down my new path.

One more thing, I set my first goal somewhat short term, I want to lose 30 lbs in 90 days. which would take me down to 270lbs.

Thanks for taking the time to read and/or share.

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