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My checkup at the doctor went way better than I expected. For those of you who don't know me, my doc worked with me for the past 2 1/2 years to help me develop a personalized eating plan to successfully reverse my pre-diabetes and high cholesterol to normal through diet alone, no meds. I didn't lose any weight over the past three months, but gained only one pound. Even though I hadn't logged my food for the better part of those three months, my fasting blood sugar and A1C (average blood sugar) are in the normal range. Doc decided to skip the cholesterol test because I've been doing so well in that area that she thinks it's OK to test me only every six months. But I still want my blood sugar tested every three-four months because Type II diabetes runs so heavily in my family.

Doc doesn't preach to me--she coaxes me back on track through listening to my own words. After complimenting me on achieving a healthful carb and cholesterol intake lifestyle, and gaining only one pound over the past three months, she asked WHY I gained a pound. I told her I need to increase my protein because I let it drop; and that I haven't been exercising and that none of my explanations as to why I haven't been exercising are valid excuses. Doc asked if I could promise myself that I'd exercise three times a week for the next month or so and increase it as I am able. And I said I could.

THEN I came home to find vabeachgirl's post to think "I WILL do it" ... "because I am worth it."

My simple goals for the rest of this week are to work my way back up to 64 oz. water per day and to exercise two days.

Vabeachgirl, kudos on your Monday and Tuesday accomplishments on goals 1-3 and on the extra lifting. Sorry about your pickled cookie dough! Aw, I understand your attachments to the rescued pets. My little sister also has a house full of rescued pets--three dogs, two cats and then a store-bought bunny. I hope your cat gets better soon.

Jenn, best wishes on your goals. Oops, I forgot until I saw your water goal that I've been slacking on water.
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