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vabeachgirl, I am coming back. Thanks. Just haven't got around to posting--stuff going on. Will post more tomorrow.

Jennifer, big hug to ya. I know it's hard. I so miss my sis, too, but she loved Christmas so much that I believe she'd find a Heavenly way to whop me upside the head if I didn't put up my tree. Her daughters joke that she's probably driving the angels nuts trying to put silver tinsel and glitter all over their wings and on the Pearly Gates.

Mike, LOL on the kitty. Congrats on joining a different gym.

LMB, welcome. Congrats on being down on the scale each year and for starting out with simple goals.

Everyone, congrats on posting your goals. I'll do mine tomorrow. It will probably be more in baby steps toward resuming exercise, though, rather than committment to not indulging in the Christmas goodies. I will try to not binge eat carbs, though.
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