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jjrudd, Mon? Tues? It's all the same to me intil Friday gets here lol! I love the weekends!

I also think about those that I will not see again. I will miss how Christmas used to be. So sorry about your sister. I'm sure your mom appreciates that you will be spending Christmas together.

01gt4.6, my kitten really is retarded. Mentally and physically stunted. Now labled as kitty down syndrome. Makes her super sweet and cuddly.

Glad to hear you joined another gym. Whats up with not drinking enough water? I probably drank too much washing down the 2 buttermilk cookies I ate last night.

LMB2011, I think it's smart to make a simple goal when it's such a good one!

I gave in on my #6 goal and texted my ex to update him because it was the right thing to do. Kitty is almost one and only weighs 4 pounds and not doing as well as I hoped. Her small size makes it harder for her body to fight off being sick.
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