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Default Motivational Thread Starting 12/16/2013

I have never joined the Motivational Threads because I have always been involved in a "fitness" challenge on another forum but I was banned! I would love to be part of this thread. And MERN PLEASE COME BACK!!!

Soooo, I am starting the new thread for this week. I realize it is Tuesday but since I am still up it is Monday plus the last thread was dated Dec. 9th!

My goals for the week are... Monday - Saturday

1. Run 4 days Mon/Yes
2. Lift heavy 3 days Mon/Yes
3. Eat 1100-1200 cals Mon/Yes
4. Check P.O. Box at least once this week Mon/No
5. 6 hours sleep Ha will know tomorrow!
6. Ignore ex He used our sick, retarded kitten as excuse to call and text 3 times today, I did not call him back so Mon/Yes!
7. Accept 1 date Mon/said maybe
8. Make 10 dozen buttermilk xmas cookies Mon/5 dozen done!
Also, am I the only one who just isn't excited about Christmas this year?
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