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Hey, all!
I totally understand you! I think we all have the same problem from time to time. I started my dieting just five days ago. Although it's not the real diet, I just watch what I put into my body and how many calories I eat and, most of all, I excercise.
And yesterday (already!!!) was the day when I wasn't in the mood for exercising and said to myself: I'll eat less and take a break of exercise.
Yeah, right! I wasn't doing almost nothing and my mind was only on the food. Thank God I did't have almost anything in my fridge (I live alone so I can afford that to myself). But, of course, I found something...some walnuts...Jesus!I didn't eat much, but still...
and then I found here an old post of a girl who said that everyone should take a picture when they start their diet. And I decide to do that!
I took my clothes off and took pictures of myself....You don't want to know what happened when I saw them!
Till that moment I believed that I really don't look like that...beacause everyone always give me much less kilograms then I really have...but, I realized yesterday what is true...
I started exercising immediatelly!!!
Today also...brisk walking for an hour and again exercising at home...some tuna salad for lunch (home made)...actually, I always make my food at home so I know exactly what I eat...
But, yesterday was "the day"...awfull!!! But it helped me to realize that I have to stick to my plan...

Btw, I got on my scale today for the first time since I started with all this and it shows 2,5 kg less (in 5 days)!!! Yeah! :-)))
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