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Originally Posted by libby116 View Post
The scale is still making me mad. I am up a half a pound this morning. 167.9 My calories were 1139 and I exercised. I just don't get it.
In your signature, I see you've already lost 27 lbs. What did you do to lose that weight? Are you doing something different now? For me, I was stuck at 133 and bounced around there for several weeks. I upped the intensity and length of my workouts and it seems to have got the scale moving again. I have also put on some muscle which boosts the metabolism as well. I see you like to walk. Have you tried Leslie Sansone exercise dvds? There walking workouts but she adds in some other exercises to up the caloric burn. Here's a link to some of her dvds in case you're interested. At that link, you can see previews and read reviews. If these workouts appeal to you, you can find them at Chapters and you can also probably find some at your local library.

Hope this helps!

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