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Checking in with a workout...Day 25 fo the 30 Day Challenge. I'm almost at the finish line! Can't wait to see the final results. Wonder what I should do next?

12 Weeks, 84 days...84 workouts
Week 1, 7 Days total - done
Week 2, 5 Days total - missed 2 days this week

Week 3, Day 1 - yes
Week 3, Day 2 - yes

Libby, looks like the storm is bypassing you and headed straight to me! It's -30 with the windchill and we supposed to get up to 20 cm today. I wish I could just stay indoors all day, but not such luck! Lots of running around to do.

Have a great weekend all!

Easter Challenge!
Starting weight 119.6 lbs Goal 116.6 lbs

May Shopping Spree Reward Challenge!
I'm rewarding myself with $100 for every pound lost by my last May weigh in! If I hit my goal, I'll have $780!
Starting weight 121.8 lbs.

5' 2"
Starting Weight - 143 lbs (3/Sept/13)
Current Weight - 119 lbs (11/Apr/14) $280 in the shopping spree fund!!
Goal Weight - 114 lbs.
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