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Smile Great Advice

Thankyou that sounds like something i really need to think about. Like you said taking the focus of just my appearance will help me lose that obsessive side and maybe ill notice the weight come off easier cos im not thinking about it as much.
You women really know what your talking about-its all the councelling i need!
I do feel slightly better today though me and my fella were out doing the front garden together and we doing the back tomorrow. It really helped take away my thoughts of weight for the couple of hours we were busy mowing and digging. Good exercise too! Also its that time of the month now and i feel alot less emotional. Its also helped me shift 2lbs. Im now 12st 3lbs and im sat thinking "Tracey look how far ive come and how well im looking compared to this time last year"-if i keep telling myself that then hopefully i begin to think it for real! I will get there-thankyou for all the support!
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