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Hi! Just wanted to give you a shout out to let you know your not alone with not having periods. I'm type 2, I also carry most of my weight around my midsection my family doctor didn't seemed surprised that I didn't have periods for 5 years. She did ask if they where ever predictable. Again didn't really seems surprised when I told her not really. She never did ask when or if I've seen a O.B.G.Y.N. I never really thought any thing of not having a period every month since I new I wasn't pregnant. I just chalked it up to weight gain, and all the stress that was on going in my life. Since being on Metformin for a year I do get a very light one day period. I can go eight hours with just panty liner, with hardly any show. All this last time it was almost a bright pink I have a check up in six weeks, and I will ask getting lab drawn to see where my hormone levels are. Is progesterone also tested with this test or is it a separate test?
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