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It sounds like you work, you probably commute, you probably don't drink as much as you did before dieting (if you did), you exercise (that takes time), and you like getting your rest. Doesn't leave much time for that 'let's hang out' lifestyle where you take a lot of your clues from other people and spend your time according to whatever happens, mood-wise.

What you're doing is paying off big-time. You look better, you probably feel better. That is like having a second job. Unless you pay someone for tummy tucks and collagen to look better, you're doing what the rest of us try to do too - eat better and exercise your body.

If you were a J.K. Rowling or a Danielle Steele, you'd be coming home and sitting at your computer, typing away at something other people may or may not understand but what YOU needed to do and that took time away from other activities. I'm amazed those two aren't big as houses for all the sedentary work they did! I'd be surprised if they went off the track for any length of time and I'd be surprised if they didn't have relationships in which the other person respected their need to succeed.
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