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I'll second that 'make your own food' idea. This can be dangerous if you end up really liking the food you make to the point that you overeat. There are so many many books out there now that give you terrific recipes if you're a 'foodie' (someone who loves to explore food tastes and recipes) and so many that give you terrific recipes if you are not (the 3-ingredient cookbook, microwave cooking for one, low-fat cooking, pressure cooker cooking, crockpot cooking). They all offer low-fat and low-calorie meal recipes.

When I think back to when the only low-calorie cookbooks were plain and simple, I'm amazed at how far we've come. The internet (wow, search that if you want to spend a couple DAYS at your computer, looking at recipes!) and specialized food interests (gluten-free, low-carb, vegan, low-fat, etc.) have just expanded food horizons incredibly.

I have a set of old cookbooks that creates fast food in the home kitchen, achieving most of the same tastes you find in the drive-through restaurants. Tweak them a little bit and they have fewer calories, sometimes a lot fewer calories. Wow! Not that I do this much (OK, for a breakfast sandwich, yes) but it's definitely an option.
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