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Hey Mary, don't beat yourself up about the slow weight loss. A pound lost is a pound lost...period! I started out losing about 10 pounds over a couple of months. I couldn't really do anything because my blood pressure was so high so I couldn't exercise. Now that I look back, it was actually a good thing. I'm usually an all or nothing type of person going for all the exercise and all the diet strategies at once. Then if I messed up once, I would give up. I think by just focusing on one thing (my diet) first, I was able to get that under control and then move onto the next. For some reason it seemed more manageable that way. Besides, I did get a chance to read your other posts and you are dealing with some other health issues, so just remember to take care of YOU....everything else will fall into place. The good thing is, exercise will help all of your ailments (so the doctors say) so just take it one day at a time and you WILL succeed!

Thanksgiving went great! I decided that I didn't get fat from just one day out of the was the other 364 days that messed me up so I cooked like I normally would for the family but I didn't taste test like I normally did. Instead, I let the familily take turns tasting...determining if something needed more salt, sage, cheese, whatever. There were a total of 10 people there so plenty of taste testers to go around and no one was full by any means from the sampling before the meal was served. They had fun with it and I saved calories. When it came time to eat, I had a sampling of everything on my plate but very small portions and I only had a couple of bites of each food. Since it was very filling foods, the small bites were enough to fill me up and I didn't feel deprived at all....and I didn't feel like the big dieter at the table, so score one for me!

Exercise is going great. I continue to feel stronger as my endurance is coming back and the pounds continue to come off. I'm up to an hour a day on the treadmill while lifting small weights every five minutes for 2 minutes working the bi/triceps followed by stomach crunches and some squats. As of today I'm down to 182. I had some size 12s in my closet that are a little tight but I should be able to get in them by January...that's the goal anyway. I have a ton of size 12, 10 and 8 pants that still have tags on them. Thank goodness I never got rid of them. They are saving me from having to buy a new wardrobe. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!
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