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I had a Friday night a couple weeks ago where I slipped up pretty badly. I ate dinner, but still felt hungry. Instead of the usual cup of tea, I went for those tortilla chips, then it was a couple pieces of licorice, and to top it all off someone at work bought me a cookie to say thanks for a job well done. Typically when that happens, I just give it to the boyfriend and it's no big deal. But this was a chocolate caramel cookie and it looked soooo good. I ate the entire thing, on top of the chips and licorice. Felt like a cow, but I fessed up about it later to the boyfriend. He just looks at me and says "I love that your big news for the day is that you ATE A COOKIE!" Yes, for some that may seem like my priorities are way out of wack, but for everyone else on here who's working so hard, I know you understand.

Keep working at it Tracey, it will all be worth it (especially on your big day!)
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