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I just have to be sure I don't wait too long and get too hungry before I get something. Usually I can tell myself I know I have had enough to eat to fuel my body and then set a certain time when I will eat. I have to plan what I am going to have ahead of time though because if I don't, the results can be...disappointing.
I like the EAS Lean 15 mixed with some ice and a cup of skim milk. I will do a double serving of protein. It makes it nice and creamy and very filling and only totals 283 calories, with 30g of protein. I just finished my walk. I'm having a shake now before I get on the elliptical, and doing weights.
I'm getting off to a slow start this am. Trying to help my wife with Christmas lights. But, it's time to get my work-out done and out of the way.
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