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Becca - Glad you saw the invite and that you're joining us! Woohoo! 10 lbs. by NYE?!?! Go girl!! Libby and I are also doing a 12 week exercise challenge (I think baxtman is joining us too) where we'll be doing some form of exercise daily. Since you're already doing a 24 day ab challenge, you should join in. What's a few extra weeks right? There's so many different challenges you can find online that after you're done the ab challenge, you can try a different one.

baxtman - You work at a hospital weren't there as a patient? 14 hours with just two protein shakes and then a decent dinner? Make sure you eat enough so you don't end up too hungry. Can you add in some healthy snacks like fruits and veggies in addition to your protein shakes and then have your regular dinner? Having said that, if you've done this before and it works for you, then do what you must. I just think I would be starving...that's all

Libby - Hi there

I'll check back in later with my workout for the day. Have a great day all!

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July 18th - Sept 1st
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Short Term Goal - 125 lbs (4/August/14) BEACH VACATION! 7 lbs. in 17 days...can I do it?!?!
Goal Weight - 114 lbs (aiming for 31/Oct/14!!)
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