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Yes and I thanked you for that and I do appreciate it. By response i was referring to Fitday. I get it was the weekend, but this started Wensday and has been a cluster since the get go.

No phone number, no confirmation of mail sent, nothing that every other site (even some that are free!) have. Had I known this I never would have given out my CC info much less spent so much money.

In this day and age, this is not acceptable in regard to online commerce. Being send a code days after purchasing is not acceptable in regard to online commerce. So perhaps you can see how one thing after another thing after another thing (and then finding more fb similar to mine on the web) has caused me great concern.

Frankly, it seems like they just don't care. Tomorrow I will be going to my bank to dispute the charges and filing a complaint. I can't sit around and wait for the fit day staff to get back to work and bother to respond.

Hopefully today they will and this will be resolved. I feel I've given it enough time to be addressed and if they take extended periods of time off, its foolish of them to assume that customers will just shrug and assume thats the case. Thats when you send out an auto generated email.There are no hours, times, nothing posted for CS. It's outrageous given the fee.
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