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Originally Posted by skyelane View Post
Hello fellow dieters! Not going to reveal my identity, but many of you would know who I am, as I am a bit of a celebrity. I had surgery earlier this year that kept me on the sofa, completely inactive, for three months. I went from my slim 142 lb, size 7, to a size 13 and 178 lb at my heaviest. No amount of eating right and exercising was doing it for me...I'm menopausal, and the weight doesn't drop off like it used to when I was younger.

Several people I know were doing, or had done, the HCG diet (giving yourself the daily injections, eating the 500 specific calories). ALL of them lost at least 25 lb in 3-4 weeks, and were NOT hungry. Most said it was a struggle to force themselves to eat even 500 calories!!!!

I decided to give it a try. The first 2 days on the diet you are REQUIRED to eat as much fattening food as you can gorge! So, I ate things I haven't eaten since I was a teen.....and I mean BIG MACS, FRIES, PIE, CANDY BARS, ICE CREAM, chips....anything and everything that was loaded with fat. Again, this is a REQUIREMENT of the HCG diet. It won't work if you don't do your two "load" days. (Boy was that fun!) It is also important because it sets up the mechanism that will enable you to NOT be hungry for the next 4 weeks.

All I can say is that the HCG diet is supported by DECADES of research, and even Dr. Oz, who was very skeptical, gave it a two thumbs up after doing his own research.

So far, I am losing about a pound a day and I am NOT hungry. OH and you are NOT supposed to do any strenuous exercise while on the HCG diet! Light walking, light toning, and ab work are recommended, but no heavy exercise.

This plan is absolutely a dream come true. More of you need to know about it because it WORKS. I paid $350 for my 30 day "kit." It includes a 10,000 IU vial of HCG, 30 insulin syringes, and a whole bunch of alcohol wipes (to clean your injection site and the top of the vial each time you use it).

Let me also tell you, I am needle phobic. But, these needles are TINY and you don't even feel them going in. Plus, you inject into the fattiest part of your tummy, your butt or your thigh, so you don't feel it. REALLY. Everyone who knows me can't BELIEVE that I am giving myself daily injections, as I normally pass out at the SIGHT of a needle!!!

If anyone else is doing HCG, or you just wanna chat about it, post a reply. Please, no private messages, and NO I won't reveal my identity, so please don['t ask.

I have what may be a dumb question... I can understand not wanting people to know who you are if you're a celebrity... so why even mention it? Was this some type of "I'm a celebrity but can't tell you who I am endorsement"? Just curious.
BTW I'm not a celebrity, not even a semi-celebrity... I'm Mike, welcome to FitDay and keep us updated on your results.
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