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Originally Posted by betterrunfaster View Post
FFS, still nothing in response to posting, email, trying to email through the link at the bottom of the page, emailing to the order email, NOTHING. Not even an automated response. NOTHING.

What kind of site charges SO much money for NO CS?!

Monday I will be initiating a chargeback with my bank if still no word and you know, I get it's the weekend. But this started Wednesday and even with the holiday i should have heard something.

Every site I belong to has service over the weekend, then there was all day wednesday and friday. I have $100 being held up and it's pissing me off that no one seems to give a shit.

You can be sure I'll pass the word on about this site.
I will check back in with admin again. Not to make excuses but it may be a matter of bad timing with it being the holidays/holiday weekend. They may be spending time with their families... but I will check again.

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