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If only it could be a straight line down...the scale always bounces up and down doesn't? As long as over the long run it keeps moving down which it did for you. 6 pounds in a month is fantastic!! At that rate you'll hit your NY goal and be the lowest you've been in 5 years. Chin up girl, you got this! Remember, keep the faith

My weekend is going okay. I always splurge a little on the weekends, but try to keep things to a reasonable level. I woke up this morning with a kink in my neck I managed to get a massage appointment for this afternoon (crazy they're open on a Sunday!) Hopefully that helps so I don't miss my workout for today!

12 Weeks, 84 days...84 workouts
Week 1, Day 1 - yes
Week 1, Day 2 - yes
Week 1, Day 3 - maybe after my appointment??

"Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you have made. If you want a different result, make a different choice."

ReStart Weight (02/Jan/15) - 145.6 lbs
Current Weight (23/Jan/15) - 141 lbs.
1st Goal (to get out of an 'overweight' BMI)- 136 lbs.

Easter Challenge Goal - 129 lbs. (aiming to get back out of the 130's)

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