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Default I totally agree!

Fletch, I reached my goal a couple of weeks ago and I did, indeed, feel a sense of loss. I think it has something to do with having to change focus after being so focused on the diet for so long. I have had a similar responses to other accomplishments. Like organizing a big meeting. After months of planning, solving logistic problems, setting agendas etc, as the meeting finally adjourns there is a swell of relief, gratitude, and sadness. Because I have lost that 1 thing that I was so focused on for so long (or so it seemed).

I get what everyone was saying about how the journey isn't really over, and how the maintenance requires the same diligence, but you and I know that somehow it just isn't the same.

The good news is that inevitably something else comes along to fill that void!
So yippee for us and it is on to the next thing!
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