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Default Hello from Down Under

My story is quite long so I will give the 5 minute version.

Since my late teen years I have weighed between 114lb and 264lb. See how nice I am, I am converting kilos to lb. with my trusty calculator

I became a chronic bulimic at 25 up until 6 years ago when I had a gastric band. I was only 22lb overweight at that stage (my goal weight is 136lb) but I talked the Dr into letting me have it to see if could cure my bulimia. And it did!! I was so thrilled and I lost the 22lb and got to my goal weight.

Over the next 6 years up until January 2012 I was in heaven. I ate whatever I wanted but only very small portions and I kept my weight within a few lb of 136lb.

Then in Jan 2012 the dreaded Menopause hit and over the following 18 months or so my weight crept up and up (I should have been paying better attention but I was so used to not having to worry) until here I am at 165lb.

I researched my heart out and have found out so much. I am on HRT but will be starting Bioidenticals as soon as the first batch arrives.

I thought Menopause was all about Estrogen levels but it is so much more than that. I also have ZERO progesterone and now have what is called "Estrogen Dominance" One of the main side effects (among many) is a overwhelming urge to eat sweet foods and that was what I was doing since Menopause started. I was up to eating 1,500 calories worth of chocolate a day!!

I will now be getting my hormone levels sorted out so they are back on an even keel and hopefully these urges will go away.

I wonder how many others on this forum are experiencing the same issues??

Anyway I have been sugar free for about 6 months but have actually gained 7lb

So I decided, right on to Atkins I go. I have read the book (Just the induction for now). I started yesterday. I have all the foods I need and I now have this lovely forum to ask and maybe one day also assist others.

The Atkins community told me the best resource to use to track Cals, Carbs and Protein was FitDay so here I am

Happy to be here.

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