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Hi Zaba, nice to meet you! I'm not from USA either, I'm from Wales, UK - where are you from? Well done for sticking to just the one pancake! I'm terrible at doing that, if I have anything at all I start wanting more so I have to take the no treats route unfortunately or I'll never stick with it! Tracey has a point, they do say that burns a lot of calories - kind of makes me wonder how I put on so much weight after I got married! lol!

Hey Tracey, don't feel too bad about snacking - like you said, at least it wasn't crisps or chocolate! In a way the worst junk food is the easiest to cut out because we can simply stop buying it - it's eating too much of the stuff around the house that's the big difficulty. I've written out a list of rules to follow (eg, number of meals allowed per day, size of portions, no snacks, etc), and I'm finding that having it written down in black and white makes it a bit easier to stick to, because I think ooo I fancy ___, but then I think, hang on, what does my list say? I think just thinking twice about it gives me enough chance to get myself back in control, maybe you could try something similar?

Hope you both have good days tomorrow!

Sarah x
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