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Default You are a true inspiration!

Thanks so much, Jacklyn, for telling your story and for your encouragement! I am not doing so well, I have not even lost 10 pounds yet. I am still at 7 pounds since Sept. 1. I guess I should not beat myself up though, it is probably counter-productive. I know I need to drink more water - I have been barely drinking any. I usually set my (Flylady) timer for 15 minutes and take a drink every time it goes off. I forget to do that and it is 4 or 5 oclock before I remember to drink some water! When I drink enough water, the pounds come off! I am so glad you liked the Flylady website! I don't read all the emails, but I would if I had time. Even she says to not read them all unless we need the motivation. I read all the daily missions of course, because they help me keep my house picked up. They help motivate me to eat more healthy foods as well. So I will keep it up and I will be successful, just like you are! I am way too comfortable with my fat body since I have had it so many years. I need to love it, but strive to improve it! That is how I need to see this effort - love me, but improve me! I am just typing out loud here.... OK, better go get a drink of water! Have a lovely and blessed Thanksgiving everybody! Remember, taste all you want, but keep it in moderation!
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