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Default Hi Y'all

It has been awhile since I have posted anything. My weight loss is slow, but at least I am still walking, most days anyway. My doctor lowered my Metformin because my A1-C is consistently at 5.7. She said it is almost like I don't have diabetes. But I still take 2 a day, so we will see next time if my A1-C is any different. We have to keep plugging away, you guys! I won't give up, even though it is slow going. I have never kept up a walking program this long in my life, so I know I can keep walking. It will be 2 months at the end of this month, even though it is getting pretty cold out there at night. (I walk in the evenings around my pool. There are too many barking dogs in my neighborhood to take my dogs for a walk. They get plenty of exercise running around my yard.) Anyway, my son (my coach) will be home next year for either Christmas or Thanksgiving, so I want to surprise him with how much weight I have lost. It will make him very happy and relieved. So, lets maintain, fellow sojourners, we can make it. Never give up!!
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