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I do the whole falling off and getting back on all the time. If i walked up and down the stairs as quick id have reached my goal by now!!
Im learning it takes time to get there and isnt so easy to keep going just because ive lost 3stones. That over-eating greedy me is still inthere and can sometimes come out again to visit. Ive got to learn how to banish that side ofme for good. Theres a reason i got so fat-greed!!!! Thats the truth no excuses i just love eating food. Ther are two sides to me:

1. size 20 who aint bothered what i eat-moody,angry,miserable,stressed
2.size 14 and losing who wants to get to goal and be healthy-happy,calm,cheery

I want to be number 2 all the time but when that number 1 decides to hop back on board i just cant control it.
How do i get rid of the old number 1 for good so she cant come back? Is it possible to become a new person for good?
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