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Default My bf needs help

Hello everyone, sorry to use the men's corner, but I have to ask you guys about this, since it is my boyfriend who's having trouble. In the past two years, he's been gaining weight like crazy, without really changing his habits. He's 26 and eats normally (no fried stuff, loves veggies and steamed fish). One day, all of a sudden, he started gaining weight. He tried controlling his diet and going to the gym and the more exercise he did, the more weight he put on. He is a chef and therefore knows a bit about nutrition so I am sure he is eating sensibly. It's been almost 2 years since he started putting on weight and he's gained about 50 kgs, which is A LOT. Nevertheless, his blood tests are perfect, no cholesterol, no sugar, he's very healthy. Right now he's being tested for Cushing's syndrome but all hormonal tests appear to be quite normal except for the fact his testosterone levels are lower than normal. He's also developing painful gynecomasty although he's never taken steroids or anything like that, and gets terrible stretch marks all over his body. His body fat is mainly on his butt, stomach and thighs, but he looks very weird, when he's naked and he tenses his muscles, you can sort of see them under the fat, and his upper body seems not only normal, but toned.

Do you have any idea of what this could be? We're going crazy with this, most doctors just tell him to stop eating doughnuts and it's really starting to affect him emotionally.
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