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Hi Sarah well done! Im back upstairs again went downstairs for 2 hours and what did i!! I did the hot drinks but didnt brush my teeth which i should have before i went down. I went for my dinner and did good-salad,hoummous and 3 ryvita. Then as apudding i had a weightwatcher yoghurt and a banana. So far sounds ok but then an hour later i went back for hoummous and some breadsticks- (WAY TOO MANY BREADSTICKS!) Its all just too easy to grab. The thing is the foods im snacking on are not high calorie, i always buy reduced calorie products. I dont eat alot through the day either, the problem might be im not filling up on a good meal at teatime. I dont have regret on what ive eaten because its not neccesarily bad food (at least its not crisps and chocolate). Its just i know i didnt need it and if id have left it i could have a good weight loss each week. Its a bad habit! Ive had 1500 calories today- most of it consumed tonight but im going to try repair it before weigh-in on wednesday. Much easier through the week-weekends i struggle. Also my partner was busy upstairs and i wouldnt have done it if wasnt alone. When im out of the house or somebody with me i dont even think about food at all. HELP-I feel like an idiot-why cant i follow my own advice. I know what i should be doing but the willpower just isnt strong enough when alone. ONE DAY I WILL BREAK THE HABIT. Now im upstairs im fine, im going to turn into a recluse who cant leave my bedroom or ill eat the contents of my house. LOL!
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